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Pre-K to 12 grade
Hope Church School
Hope Church School
Empowering A Generation to Serve God
A generation empowered to serve God

To raise up sons and daughters of knowledge through sound spiritual principles,     academic excellence and cultural awareness

The Hope Church School (HCS) is a Preparatory school (Pre-K - 12) in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is founded on sound spiritual principles, academic excellence, and cultural awareness.
From its inception in 1982, HCS has provided quality private education to children who would have otherwise never had the opportunity and has acted as a bridge - bringing them out of their past and into their future. In turn, the Hope Church School has helped to improve the community and even the world by raising up fine young men and women who know who they are, know what their purpose is, and how to fulfill it.

Curriculum: A Beka Book System: An Individually oriented fully accredited academic Christian curriculum which covers all major subjects including Math, Science, History, English, Social Studies, and Health.
In addition, we also offer the following:
Creative Arts (Drama/Mime/Dance)
Language Arts (French or Spanish)
Physical Education
Tutoring (Reading/Math)
Field Trips (Cultural, Spiritual, Academic)
SAT Prep
College Placement
Music Lessons (Additional fee)
Govt. subsidy for those who qualify

Drs. John and Janice Bowden

Pastor: Raahsahn A. Bowden

Dr. Suzette Ajedho

School Board President:
   Dr. Blanche Watson

SERVICE HOURS: (hours of operation)

Pre k - kindergarten:
6:30 am - 6 pm

First - 12th grade:
8:15 am - 3 pm

Extended hours available for grades 1-12
Our day of the lord
For Admissions call Diane Matthews
at Tel. (215) 927-7770  10 AM to 6 PM Mon -Fri
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We are Located at 6707 Old York Road Philadelphia, PA 19126
Call us at Tel. (215) 927-7770  or Fax. (215) 927-8070 
7 AM to 6 PM Mon -Fri

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